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Zyn Pouches Imported

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Introducing Imported ZYN Pouches, directly sourced from Sweden, featuring exclusive flavors unavailable in domestic markets. Please note, the EU ZYN strength system differs from US standards, offering a wider range of options. Additionally, choose between two formats: Slim and Mini Dry, tailored to suit your preferences and needs.

ZYN Nicotine Pouch Strength Guide

Regular Strength: 3mg Nicotine

  • Ideal for beginners and those seeking a moderate nicotine experience.
  • Mini Dry Pouch format, Similar to domestic Zyn.
  • Lasts up to 30 minutes, providing a sustained release of nicotine.
  • Available Flavors: Apple Mint, Bellini, Black Cherry, Espressino, and Cool Mint.

Strong Strength: 6mg Nicotine

  • Designed for regular nicotine users or situations where smoking or vaping isn't possible.
  • Delivers a steady release of nicotine over 30 minutes.
  • Available Flavors: Black Cherry, Cucumber Lime, Violet Licorice, Espressino, Cool Mint, Fresh Mint, and Lemon Spritz

Extra Strong Strength: 9mg & 11mg Nicotine

  • Tailored for highly experienced nicotine consumers craving an intense hit.
  • Slim Pouch format.
  • Provides a powerful dose of nicotine for those seeking maximum satisfaction.
  • Available Flavors: Apple Mint, Cool Mint, Sour Ruby, Citrus, and Cool Blueberry.

Two Pouch Formats

  • Mini Dry: Just like domestic Zyns, Mini Dry are completely white, small and dry nicotine pouches. They are discreet but still deliver both a fresh taste and a nicotine experience. 
  • Slim: Unique to the higher strengths, Slims are soft and well-filled all-white nicotine pouches in a longer and slimmer format. They are larger in size, but the shape provides a comfortable and discreet fit under the lip. 

Product Details

  • Format: Mini or Slim
  • Pouches per Can: 20 (Mini) 21 (Slim)
  • Weight per Pouch (gram): 0.4 (Mini) 0.70 (Slim)
  • Strength: Normal (3mg) Strong (6mg) Extra Strong (9mg/11mg)