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MIT-X60 Extract Capsules 10ct

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MIT-X 60® is a premium full-spectrum Kratom extract, meticulously crafted from the finest, clean Kratom leaves. It's backed by comprehensive certifications to guarantee both safety and optimal alkaloid levels.

MIT-X 60 boasts a proprietary formulation that stands as a testament to top-tier alkaloid quality and user contentment. What sets MIT-X 60 apart is its high-potency full-spectrum extract, meticulously crafted to exclude chlorophyll and excess plant material found in inferior green extracts. This results in heightened alkaloid purity and bioavailability.

When you choose MIT-X 60, you're getting more value for your investment. Each MIT-X 60 capsule contains a minimum of 60 mg of Mitragynine (MIT). In fact, most capsules exceed this, frequently containing up to 65 mg. This overage reflects our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction.