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Propaganda E-Liquid Introduces Beach Club: A Symphony of Summer-Inspired Vape Juices

Propaganda E-Liquid Introduces Beach Club: A Symphony of Summer-Inspired Vape Juices

Santa Ana, California — Propaganda E-Liquid, a prominent name in the vaping industry, has set the stage for a new wave of flavor experiences with the launch of Beach Club Vapors. This recent addition to the Propaganda family is dedicated to capturing the essence of sandy shores and summer waves in a collection of premium vape juices.

Beach Club Vapors Overview:

Beach Club Vapors emerges as a motivated brand, proudly born under the umbrella of Propaganda E-Liquid. Headquartered in Santa Ana, California, Beach Club takes pride in its focus on delivering a curated list of premium vape juice blends. The collection revolves around the fusion of fruits and creams, enhanced with quality salt nicotine.

Available in both Freebase Nicotine and Salt Base Nicotine options.

From 30mL bottles of salt nicotine in 30mg and 50mg options to 100mL bottles of sub-ohm salt nicotine, available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg, Beach Club offers a diverse range to cater to various preferences in both flavor and nicotine strength.

Beach Club Vape Juice Review:

Strawnana Smoothie:

Dive into the creamy delight of a Strawnana Smoothie, where red, ripe strawberries meet creamy bananas in a perfect harmony of sweetness.

Aloha Peach:

Experience the tropical paradise with Aloha Peach, a balanced blend of peaches and mangoes promising an exhilarating taste adventure.

Watermelon Wave:

Ride the waves of summer with Watermelon Wave, delivering a sweet and luscious flavor profile of sun-kissed watermelons.

Kiwi Guava:

Embark on a tropical journey with Kiwi Guava, a vibrant mixture of tangy kiwis and sweet guavas for a sweet, tart, and refreshing experience.

Orange Dream:

Indulge in the nostalgic Orange Dream, a recreation of the classic creamsicle with zesty oranges and velvety cream.

Strawberry Nectar:

Immerse yourself in the tropical and exotic flavors of Strawberry Nectar, featuring guavas and dragon fruits in a mesmerizing blend.

Lemon Squeeze:

Refresh your senses with Lemon Squeeze, a perfectly balanced blend of sweet and tart, offering a zesty citrus experience with a refreshing finish.

Beach Club Vapors by Propaganda E-Liquid invites vapers to savor the taste of the season. Each flavorful creation promises a journey into the heart of summer, from creamy indulgence to tropical escapes.

Note: Vaping products are intended for adult use. Please use responsibly.

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