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Grav Gravitron Gravity Bong

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The Gravitron®, the world's first all-glass gravity bong, has received significant improvements. With fivefold increased glass thickness and an upgraded platinum-cured silicone grommet for a tighter seal, this version offers enhanced durability and performance. The 19mm(Large) 14mm(Medium) female ground joint now fits any 19mm/14mm male bowl, and a flange at the top of the neck makes lifting the bottle more convenient.

The Gravitron operates by using gravity and pressure to create substantial, efficient hits. To use it, start by filling the base halfway with water. Then, pack the bowl with dry herb and insert it into the joint at the neck of the bottle. Light the bowl and lift the bottle simultaneously. Once the bottle is filled with smoke, remove the bowl and place your mouth over the neck, inhaling as you lower the bottle. The Gravitron delivers a dense, pressurized hit with no loss of smoke during the process.

While it's an excellent choice for parties, the Gravitron remains one of the most efficient smoking devices available today.

Grav Gravitron Gravity Bong Features:

Designed by: Micah Evans

Joint: 14mm / 19mm Female

Main material: Borosilicate

Use with: Flower