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Puretane Butane 420ml

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Puretane Premium butane sets the standard for purity in butane products. Our premium butane undergoes an extensive refinement process, including triple distillation and nine rounds of filtration, resulting in unparalleled purity levels of 99.9998% N-Butane.

But they don't stop there. To maintain the utmost purity of our butane gas, Puretane N-Butane is packaged in food-grade aluminum cans. These cans are thoughtfully lined with BPA-free plastic, safeguarding the gas from potential contamination, such as corrosion and harmful manufacturing lubricants that are often present in steel butane cans.

Furthermore, Puretane's commitment to environmental responsibility shines through. Our aluminum cans are fully recyclable. Once you've used up the butane, simply puncture the empty can and place it in your recycling bin alongside your soda pop cans. With Puretane, you get not only the purest butane but also a greener, more responsible choice for your butane needs.

Puretane Butane Features:

  • Size: 420ml
  • Food-Grade BPA-Free Plastic Lined Can
  • Triple Refined Through Fractional Distillation
  • 9X Filtered - Near Zero Impurities
  • 99.9998% N-Butane, 0.0002% Isobutane
  • Made in USA